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Skin to Skin, Babywearing, and Breastfeeding

“Skin to skin” is when a diapered baby is placed on the bare chest of their mother and a blanket is place over baby’s back to keep them warm (partners can do skin to skin too!). The benefits of skin to skin for mom and baby have been well documented. Skin to skin can help regulate the baby’s heart rate, body temperature, breathing, weight, immune system, and aid in more restful sleep.  Benefits for mom include regulation of her hormones, increased levels of maternal oxytocin, and ultimately helps increase her milk supply.

Skin to skin is recommended at any point during infancy but can be difficult for some moms to do once they get home from the hospital. While having baby on the bare chest is ideal, Baby wearing is a great way to keep baby close and provides continued benefits for baby, mom, and breastfeeding.