Myths vs Facts: Breastfeeding During Pregnancy and Tandem Nursing By Hilary Flower

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1. “At 24 weeks gestation, the uterus changes in such a way that breastfeeding goes from being safe to risky.” …MYTH or FACT?

Myth. Oxytocin is a hormone released during breastfeeding that causes uterine contractions, usually too mild to notice. This fact has raised concern that breastfeeding could contribute to preterm labor in an otherwise healthy pregnancy. The uterus starts out pregnancy fairly insensitive to oxytocin, and somehow the rumor got started that it increases in sensitivity in mid-pregnancy. Research does not support this. Instead, the first marked increase occurs after the 37th week—with little or nothing happening before that time.

4. “Most mothers experience a significant drop in milk supply during pregnancy.” …MYTH or FACT?

Fact. 70% of mothers notice a significant drop in supply during pregnancy. Still, a minority of mothers continue to produce an abundance of milk throughout pregnancy.

8. “Tandem nursing will ensure a smooth sibling adjustment for your older child.” …MYTH or FACT?

Myth. Your older child may experience a range of emotions, from fear of displacement–to anger at you–to delight in the new baby. And remember that sibling relationships tend to have their own rhythms of bonding and fighting, and both can happen at your breast! Realistic expectations, lots of mama love, open communication and a sense of humor will help you move through any challenges that arise.