Kind Words From Clients

“I feel so fortunate to have had Jasmine as my lactation consultant.  Her expertise instilled me with confidence in the breastfeeding process before my daughter was born so that I started off with no fear or anxiety. She has answered all of my questions promptly and even empowered me with resources that have made breastfeeding an extremely rewarding experience for both me and my baby.” – JT.

“Jasmine was very professional, caring and most of all made me feel more confident in my breast feeding struggles. I highly recommend her expertise and would definitely use her again!”  – KM.

“Jasmine was there for me when I felt most frustrated with nursing. During an unfortunate time in the NICU, I was so upset that I was not allowed to breastfeed my baby. Determined to help me in my goal to push through the challenge of starting my breastfeeding journey with solely a pump, Jasmine helped me determine the best speed and suction on both the hospital and home pumps I was using which made a HUGE difference in my output (and eliminated the pain I felt). Additionally, she provided constant support and encouragement during what was an incredibly difficult time for me. After bringing baby home, Jasmine helped give me advice on dealing with clogged ducts and was such a wonderful support while I learned the ins and outs of my baby’s feeding habits. I 100% recommend her, and am looking forward to working with her again for my next baby. Jasmine – you are awesome! Thank you again!” – LC.